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September 21, 2000

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This must have been my lucky day. All because I had to mail some bills in a hurry. So I walked with Monte from Fremont to Wallingford and found not far from the troll two boat bumpers WA8062. Then there was a chair with FREE taped to it so I asked the lady and she said, "Take it," and apologized for its condition
I left Monte with it and went to the post office where everyone in blue was taking their time with a line out the automatic door which opened and closed cutting the customers like salami. One stamp vending machine was keeping the change but the one I needed was working so I put in a Lincoln and got a single nickel back. The man at the machine next to mine was still trying to get his 20 cents back from the manager.

I ran into Monte outside and we decided to call Jed whose station wagon could accomodate the chair. Payphones next door at 7-11, needed 35 cents change, stood in line and plucked a single foil-wrapped chocolate-covered cherry from the counter and passed an enigmatically smiling Washington to the man of asian descent cashier. Put change in phone, dialed number, change of heart, hang up, coin release lever, JACKPOT! Dollar eighty in change spills down the chute. Got to Jed's werkplatz where taking the "Genuine Stratalounger" off my head a little chewing gum stick sized strip of cardboard with these words on it fell out:

Unto the Son he saith, Thy throne,
O God, is forever and ever.
Hebrews 1:8.