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November 5, 2000
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Chicago's Navy Pier -- It's worth the trip! Another nice day for a skate along Chicago's gorgeous Lakefront Path. After Dave posed for a precarious picture, we slow rolled along the pier where what looked like trash turned out to be about a thousand dollars in cash and cheques. Sheraton Chicago baggage check and a legible signature was all I needed to leave my name with the hotel security office. The woman's daughter called from Washington. Turns out the person who lost it is a glass artist who shows in Seattle. A rep from her gallery said said, "There is a God!" and met us at the Woodlawn Tap for the exchange. I slid the manilla envelope across the table, the light streaming in the window at the far end of the bar, a fitting cloak and dagger feel in this city of gangsters immortalized by Brecht and home as well to a large fascist monument, a gift from Mussolini in "the eleventh year of the fascist era"--1933 to you and me. An old Italian, or maybe German Jew with a metal filter where his nose used to be, commented bitterly on the worn inscription--"It's rrrrrrrotting."