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October 30, 2000
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Deja vu in the smoking car, Czech-looking woman on her way to Wisconsin, the conductor young, trim, groomed casual and cool. He came down fast when he smelled my clove cigarettes; suspecting grass he examined the pack. (The way to do it is load the tip so after the first hit it's legit.) "Is this the line where they used to shoot buffalo?" I ask. "Yes. This was it." The three of us look out the window, seeing ghosts. Objects in the foreground tend to blur and in their rapid dark passing you can imagine the herd. It took only 4 years and then they were gone to make way for beef, the bones sold for buttons, horns for trophies. Powerlust and greed, half the world's grain goes to cattle feed while we are forcefed the lie that we have to live high atop the food pyramid, growing addicted so a handful can profit.