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July 11, 2004

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what are you going to do when they postpone the election? / whate are you going to do when they declare martial law? / what are you going to do when they come for your neighbors? / what are you going to do when your back's against the wall?

squatting naked on a rocky beach
this afternoon in the sun between
shifts at doe bay cafe i got a real
feeling of my freedom--paradoxically
or maybe because of the dismal news
about the EAC (Election Assistance
Commission) which is charged with
postponing the election in case of
"terrorist" attack. the indefinite
postponement of the election is
a scenario i started envisioning
soon after 9/11, but their laying the
groundwork for it so blatantly comes
as something of a surprise. psych-
ologically it is quite astute--the news
of the day is quickly forgotten, but when
the clampdown comes people will say,
"oh yeah, i remember hearing something
about that" and think it's all OK. they
might even add, "you know, i feel a lot
safer now that we're under martial law.
president-for-life bush for sure has my
best interests at heart."

i caught a glimpse of my freedom today,
squatting naked on a rock by the sea.
having no pockets is the key. i fondled
a nice rock i wanted to keep, but ultimately
i forgot it on the beach. it was small but
still more than i wanted to carry. aborigine
were not primitive but ancient wise. walked
the land and could live from it in peace.
does any peace last? perhaps in the dream
or deepest sleep. tomorrow i go to orcas
farm to help george cover his blueberries.

this is not a picture of me. it is
craig mcneil. he, john, and i make
a good team in the cafe. craig
has an exuberant spirit and kind
smile that is an inspiration. there
are many good people on orcas
island, a haven of healing, a
respite from global insanity.