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July 13, 2004

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generally speaking, i say and do a lot of dumb things.*
even more so when i'm sure i'm doing what's right.
it's at those times when i think i've got it nailed down
that i need to remind myself that no one ever arrives.
gotta keep eyes, ears, heart and mind open, otherwise...

so i'm kind of regretting the impression i might have made
with sunday's installment: the implication that personal
freedom is somehow tied to what happens in Wash., DC.
it's not. no one can give you freedom, least of all a govern-
ment. governments and their hired guns can certainly limit
your actions through force, coercion, threats, or bribes,
but your basic human liberty is something you're born with
and take with you when you leave your body.

i met a guy at burning man in 1998 who told me how he had
never tasted his freedom until he was imprisoned. i think
this is a common experience. instead of looking for liberty
in outward manifestations, you go inside in search of the
essence. maybe you find it, maybe you don't, but perhaps
it's enough to suspect you have it in you and to seek.

*this might be one of them
blueberry bird netting at orcas farm

blueberry bird netting at orcas farm