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January 21, 2005

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The Pyramids are Matthew Ford (drums) and Craig Chambers (guitar). Matthew also plays in The Intelligence and Factums. Craig has been with The Lights for 10 years. I think they met at UW. They opened tonight at Neumo's for 2 loud bands I'd never heard of. The place was pretty deserted at 9:30 showtime. I was at the bar savoring my one G&T of the evening as Rachel the bartender lamented the lack of tips (I was the first to tip after 10 had stiffed her) when Craig shouted my name into his mic: "Rob! Where's my girlfriend?" I got off the stool and yelled, "She forgot her ID!" Adria made it back in time for the final 3 songs, after which she told us how she'd almost hit a pedestrian on Leary near Phinney in Fremont. The guy waved a gun around at random, pointed it at various vehicles, then moved towards the 7-11. Adria couldn't tell if the gun was real or not, and she didn't stick around to find out. It was the first time she'd ever laid rubber. The Ballroom has really brought a bad element to town. Amateur drunks high on testosterone--their own and the artificial kind found in Red Bull, Sparks, and prescription meds--drive in looking for trouble. They're the ones who knocked over Benny's rockstacks more than once because they can't comprehend art and must destroy what they don't understand. Well, Benny's in Hawai'i now, commissioned to do what he loves. He says he'll be back this spring because he likes the vibrations of the rocks in Fremont. I caught a ride home with Lori and Dan expecting to lay down some more finger-to-jack feedback tracks, but Miso fell asleep in my arms and I gladly followed her into slumber.