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January 25, 2005

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Today work took me to the Cobb Building, a somewhat historic place. It was part of an urban utopia scheme back around 1910 and was the first commercial office building dedicated to a single profession--in this case the practice of medicine. We salvaged materials from dentists, GPs, and Zenith Hearing Instruments--which is where this corkboard montage came from. The building is being gutted and redeveloped into rental aprtments. |||| At night, I watched Control Room, a documentary about Al Jazeera, the Arab world's #1 TV station. It was surprising to hear one of Al Jazeera's producers say he would gladly accept a job with Fox and that he wanted the American dream for his children. An Al Jazeera reporter said that the only hope for defeat of America's antagonistic foreign policy was the American people themselves. This was before the 2004 US election. I wonder what he's thinking now. |||| In the news today, the War People in DC requested another $80 Billion dollars to continue fucking up in the middle east. I reckon about $75 Billion of this will go into Bush-friendly corporation coffers to pay for more arms, fuel, and transport for US corpses.