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January 24, 2005

Most facts about this website are little known, but here is one of the littlest known: This noble experiment of mothballing experience proudly embarked on its hallowed mission with a legal disclaimer! It's hard to imagine a more tedious launch, but there it was.

Anyway, today I helped pressurewash an old steam radiator. It is to be a prop in an art installation on Friday February 4. Sarah will be depicting a botched abortion victim on a gurney salvaged from a substance abuse recovery facility. I don't like seeing Sarah play dead but at least I'll be standing nearby to lay down my life for her ifnfdd6525663.,edswbw2.3333333333333333333333333333333333qqqqq

Hey, w643dn't y6+ Hey, wouldn't you know it? Just as I started to get all high-flown and dramatic miso came and sat on the keyboard, reminding me to call Sarah in Charleston.

I have been doing this for seven years now and nothing has changed.

invest in the future today...