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                                                                   March 3, 2005

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spring was busting out all
over today. we've had nice
weather lately, but today it really
felt like spring had arrived. from the
cherry blossoms on my walk to work to
  the manic energy pervading the air. most
  telling, beautiful cool bikes were out in force.
  three messengers on fixies were checking in at
  wright bros. cycle works just as a woman on a tall bike
  pedaled past, braving the narrow shoulder and heavy auto
 traffic on leary ave. i busted out my black worksman (thanks,
bruce & connie!)
and slowly tooled it down the burke-gilman
where i saw
a man on 36" unicycle leaning against an espresso
stand. pedal
power takes many inspiring forms. my cruiser is so
heavy and
inefficient it forced a snail's pace which i embraced as
i inched toward jesse's to hear about his trip to asia. on the way
  i saw
a lost dog poster and a guy running barefoot in the street.