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May 30, 2005

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It had been a while since I stayed up all night wandering the neighborhood. I'd planned only to walk Jesse down to his bus, but even though we ran for it he missed the last one of the night. Oh well, I had a bottle of chilled Czech peach booze in my pocket so we went down to the canal and watched the lights play on water, knowing the world of reflections is as real as anything we call solid. Moseying back up the hill, we stopped at a trashcan overflowing paper coffee cups. Without knowing why, we started stacking them, dreaming of building a huge arch for Seattle like the one in St. Louis. We found a pretty full one, light and sweet, and took turns sipping it till it was gone and our stack was tall. Night time is the right time to feel like a human at peace. The streets are wide, empty, quiet. Except for us, I guess. We found a yellow foursquare ball and took turns kicking it into a tree where eventually it got stuck. Sarah came down to hush us so we went back in around 4 a.m. and spun multiple records simultaneously until 6:07 when the number 5 started running again. Good night, sunrise.
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Jesse Paul Miller Wields a Trash Scepter