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July 27, 2005

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What makes a music scene? I used to think it was a matter of good local talent and ample
artist-friendly venues, but it wasn't until about last year that I realized that to really make
things click you need supportive audiences. Seattle has scores of bands and clubs, but
where are the fans? Probably at home watching netflix DVDs. And those who do show up
tend to stand around, arms folded, thoughtful poses, as if analyzing paintings in a museum
or waiting for monkeys to fling their poo at the zoo. But I'm not complaining.* I've been
having a great week combining bus and bicycle to catch 7 shows in 5 days: Withdrawal
at Electric Heavyland; CGT and Sea Donkeys at the Rendezvous; DAE, Bill Horist,
and Ruins at Chop Suey; Fruit Bats at Sonic Boom (Ballard); Pyramids at The Crocodile;
Factums (pictured here) at Re-Bar with video by Brent Watanabe; and Pussy Chop Banana
and Shoplifting at the Rendezvous. And though none of them attracted big numbers (except
Fruit Bats thanks to Sub Pop's savvy marketing), there is a tightly knit community that does
bring the love, and that is enough.


Factums concert #5 at Le Vide experimental music night, last wednesday of the month

*One thing I have learned is that people generally mean the exact opposite of what they say, so, yes, I am complaining.