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January 20, 2016

                      Man Brings Peace to New World
Been so on-task lately with work and move and remodel and other leeches sucking time and money I haven't done anything that feels creative. Then a kitchen outlet fritzed out. Luckily I had a replacement GFCI handy. I'm not a hoarder, but I am curious about stuff and don't like to just chuck things, so I took the bad one apart and brought the metal bits to the dining room table where I fiddled with them until this creature came about, a dormant side of me waking up. Pretty standard figurative scrap art, but this one is loaded with meaning. Who can say what impulses drive us, what symbols rattle around in our heads and how they manifest? I call it WHITE MAN BRINGS PEACE TO THE NEW WORLD. Metallurgy was a big deal back then, a distinct advantage. This fine fellow is armed with some kind of metal projectile firing weapon, in his other hand a dagger--or maybe a cross? The epaulets of an admiral, a forked tongue of broken promises, siffed-up protuberance to screw the native populace, and wandering eyes so large with greed they pop out despite the mask meant to disguise ruthless intentions. And to think this little demon was hiding in the background all along. Exposed at last.