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February 12, 2016


missed opportunity
This is the Hawaii Jack London wrote about. He was a socialist and there's a socialist resurgence occurring, from Kshama Sawant to Bernie Sanders. People are fed up with gilded age excess. Whether by ballot or bullet, something's got to change. Any nation is only 9 meals away from revolution and though ostensibly well-fed, people are starting to suspect they're undernourished. So it's somewhat symbolic that this Dickensian sugarcane operation is winding down for whatever reason. The smokestack's stopped belching and the bagasse is piling up. One factor is climate chaos, too much or too little rain in all the wrong places in what used to be a predictable cycle. Maybe throw in a touch of real estate speculation and a sharecropper future. In the midst of this mess I find my favorite bookstore selling classic hardback editions for 25 cents. All stories foretold before they unfold. Death to plantations!