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December 12, 2016

Yes, this is the 2,137th page I've posted here, but that doesn't mean I trust the internet as an archiving system
, so I'm working on a print version. A single supergigantic Bible-thick comprehensive tome might be cost prohibitive, so I'm assembling smaller thematic collections in what I'm calling the "A Book About..." series, of which this slender volume about Belize is the prototype. It's not ready yet but I'll be releasing it and others (...Bikes, ...Prague, ...Seattle, ...Work, etc.) at a PoD retrospective exhibition in February, specifics to be announced soon.

You'd think it would be easy finding an online printer to produce booklets in 4:3 ratio since that's what most cameras shoot, but the only one I found is Presto Photo. Well, that's OK because I've had some proofs made and they're high quality and affordable. I also assembled a 48-page book of photos from Maui for some friends, and while I don't expect many people to buy it, I like that the preview function works as a slideshow. Hey, presto!