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  August 29, 2018

when i was buying my boat, i thought it would be a cool place to sit and type, but then i promised the Guy selling it that i'd try to race it... eventually. i'm not a very competitive person. when i rowed crew, my favorite parts were the in between moments--taking a few seconds to appreciate the sunrise or those long leisurely "low and slow" Sunday "paddles" when we'd close our eyes and row by feel. today i crewed on Jeff's sailboat Fancy in my first race. the wind was up at 16 knots and the lake was lumpy and touched with whitecaps--fast conditions! while i didn't feel too worked up over who would win (we consistently placed 2nd cz the other three guys know their shit), i will say that having to act quickly in close quarters under pressure has a way of focusing one's attention. it was a vivid lesson in learning just how much more there is to learn; it also makes me want to get out there and do it as often as i can.