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July 10, 2019

It was a liminal day. We motored out of Shoal Bay,
light fog and mist, just enough wind to tack our way
towards Friday Harbor for supplies, fuel, and water.
We docked in a marina, slip G22, went our separate
ways, I to market, Thomas to hardware and marine
supply stores. The sky was divided, sun and rain, I
predicted a rainbow and sure enough it came. Then,
taking advantage of shore power, we watched Andy
Sidaris' Hard Ticket to Hawaii, a movie that traipses
 the edge of so bad it's good. It's more self-aware and
campy than the worst/best of paracinema but it's still
 pleasingly cheesy, laughable, dated... and totally en-
tertaining. Look no further than the first scene to see
why there's no better place to watch it than on a boat.