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July 13, 2019

Wallace Island north cove after a sparkly day hiking trails and swimming off some shapely rocks. The water was bracing but the sun was baking, perfect for the plunge and dry cycle. Calm here, but when we first arrived there was some comical rookie maneuvers. We pulled in, dropped anchor, then for the first time tried tying a stern line to shore--what could go wrong? Brian oopsed the rope, giving me a chance for some low stakes heroics. I dove in and wondered if I'd make it, limbs quickly numbing. Grabbed the line and scrambled up steep bank, struggled to hold it against 21,000-lb. Vive drifting into channel, but Thomas reversed engine just in time as I tied ugly knot to mooring chain, barely clinging to slippery sharp almost vertical rocks. Then, a few minutes later, the dinghy got loose and I did my best Johnny Weissmuller impression by diving off the top rail to fetch it. It was all super invigorating. Wallace has a few private homes, otherwise it's all public land with relics of a former summer camp, rusty old pickup and derelict cabin adorned with tokens of all the different boats that have visited, including Sarah's namesake. Chances are there's a picture perfect sunset like this one happening somewhere right now.