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August 5, 2019

got up way earlier than normal to get down
to Tukwila by 7 am to rent big compressor
to spray cement mixture on armature
Sarah had fabricated, fullsize prototype
for commission at Highline College.
we met Žanetka at Jeff's workshop,
where Sarah is subletting space, for
the first of three days of training
from faux rock star Warren Ness.
after all the hassle of renting the
compressor and running around
to find proper hose fittings for
sprayer Sarah bought, we ended
up simply applying the "mud"
by hand. this is the hard coat,
basically the bones. top layers
will consist of a different mix
with additives that make it easy
to carve and hold its shape. it
was a long ass day, 6:30-8:30,
but enthusiasm was high and no
one really wanted to stop. it's been
a hell of a year riding Sarah's coat
tails as her construction assistant
from Michigan to Philly to this and
the ride ain't over yet! making art
is a great excuse to learn new skills.