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December 19, 2019


the day started so well, morning to myself at
the same shore where i spent 89 of 92 days
back in 2012. the sun traipsed at the edge
of a cloud bank and i wrote poem after
poem waiting to warm up enough to
swim—either that or have to piss.
paradoxically, perhaps, when it
started to drizzle is when i finally
dove in. what a shock—the water
drove into my brain like an awl!
something wrong and i surmised
what it was—a burst eardum. the
internet confirmed my supposition;
no need to worry. i took another dip,
bought groceries, then set up an
appointment at Minit Medical. nothing
        like a little whimsical misspelling to
inspire confidence in matters of life and death;
also, not to be confused with Minit Stop, purveyors
of fried chicken, Rain-X, and trucker pills. after a pretty
quick intake process, i sat waiting for more than an hour
in the examination room. left to my own device, i watched
how-to videos and involuntarily eavesdropped on someone
describing their symptoms: fatigued by his flight from the mainland, the patient next
door woke up not knowing who he was. some of his memory had come back since but
he still wasn't sure. if that ever happens to me, please put these in my hands to recall...