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June 3, 2020


came home and thought about my post from saturday, how maybe emphasizing flames and shards only feeds the worst narratives about what's going on, but it was an accurate portrait of the confusions both internal and external, the muddled mess of emotion that the city as an organism expresses, finds reflected within the individual. monday was also terrible, as police escalated violence even as the justifications for it diminished. things looked bleak, lacking clarity, befogged as if by a cloud of teargas. whereas the cops knew exactly what to do—inflict random punishment.

so, quiet night at home, was scrolling through twitter
for news of what was happening when the walls seemed to dissolve
as cheering and shouts could be heard from a nearby street. sarah leapt out of bed and we went out our building's
back door to see a crowd of hundreds massed out on 15th in front of the pre-emptively boarded up QFC supermarket.

what a difference a day makes! the curfew was lifted and there were no cops to be seen. everyone was peaceful and you could feel the love in the air, the beauty of strength in numbers when it's focused on the positive. this zip code (98112)
is one of the richest in the country (sarah & i drag down the average), with grand houses and a number of full-blown
robber baron mansions, but the residents had nothing to fear because the march just flowed through it like water.

with no police provocation, we were free to function as a community, united in yearning for fairness and cooperation.
we lifted our phones, a swarm of fireflies drifting through a balmy night bringing delight. some residents stood on porches
with scowls of suspicion, but the majority smiled and waved. in the struggle for hearts and minds, it helps to shine a light.