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June 5, 2020


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notice how violence happens only after cops instigate it. they provoke reaction because that gives them a post-facto excuse for their brutal behavior. when they stand down, you see no clashes or even property damage. minneapolis has vowed to dismantle its PD, likely on the Camden model, and the same needs to happen here—and everywhere. cops are people, but so were the Nazis—the problem is recruits swear allegiance to and uphold flawed systems. it's time to reject the outdated, barbarous, slave patrol style of policing where excessive force and unaccountable authority trump civil rights.

regarding vandalism, it's worth noting
that most places targeted in seattle were
corporate megaliths such as amazon and
national chains, or symbols of wealth
inequality such as the Ferrari dealership.
police brutality and economic injustice
are intertwined & people are connecting
the dots,
awakening class consciousness.
i'm not one to throw bricks through
windows but that reactive phase of rage
parallels the
stages of grief. it's not exact
but there'
s an evolution from blind anger
constructive action as emotions are
processed, priorities set, efforts focused.
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