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September 29, 2020

met with a client first thing this morning to discuss options for how best to deal with
their wonky basement floor. would it be better to work with what's there or demo the
existing concrete slab and pour afresh? the latter would yield the best result, but it's a
question of how good is good enough for what they're willing to spend. sometimes it's
better to rip it up and start again. just ask this spider, whose web i inadvertently disturbed
 when checking in on my boat after last week's relatively heavy rains. unlike me, it knew
exactly what to do and immediately set to building anew. i watched in wonder, grateful
for its example as it went aloft to spin itself a sail to set out for the el dorado of insects.
how much of life is spent adrift in dreams? some would say all of it—maya, illusion.