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October 5, 2020


smoke is mostly a solid,
suspended in sky like sand in
turbid water, casts a pall over all,
colors the sunset crimson, seeps into
lungs like dust in couch cushions, chokes
without making a scene, sifts down trachea
when you're asleep. so when it finally lifts and
drifts off and away to trouble someone else, down-
wind and undeserving, no wonder we rush outside, to
bask and breathe even if it's still subpar AQI. this guy. 64
& sunny, he thinks it's miami and no one here would disagree.
forgive the dutch angle--i shot this from the hip, not wanting to
draw attention to myself. everyone's anonymous when you get right
down to it. we're here to disappear, and when i ambled back from my
p.o. errand, he was gone. the days grow shorter; gonna be a long winter.