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October 6, 2020


DANG! this discarded victrola seemed such
a waste when i backed my load of jobsite
refuse up to the trashpit at shoreline transfer
station. (it's pretty lovely as city dumps go,
with a beguiling  sound art installation that
greets you with a sensation of welcome con-
fusion--though i think i read more into it than
was intended, which gives me an idea of how
to take it further...) forget the high end dish-
washer next to it, there are only so many of these left in
existence and the thought of this one getting crunched
filled me with grief, so i texted millis: "oh the humanity"
to my surprise, he replied immediately with great interest.
typically, scavenging is not allowed, but the cashier was
sympathetic when i explained the situation and she
leveraged her seniority, encouraged me to fetch
it. it seemed everyone who worked there
was in on the conspiracy, nothing but
smiles and waves as i brought the
mission to fruition. turns out its
guts were in surprisingly
good condition...