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April 14, 2021

I didn't have high hopes for today and I wasn't disappointed. I knew my truck was disabled, but I still hoped to coax it the few blocks to Accu-tune, personally recommended by Dom, my first choice but his ceilings are too low to lift a truck with a rack. The repair shops here are a trip, tiny cramped spaces, most of them on corners, they seem to outnumber grocers. Truck started no problem, but every time I put it in gear it stalled out, so I cashed in a Better World Club chip, then waited three hours for tow truck to show. Parking garage clearance too low, luckily it was all downhill from my space, so the driver gave me a shove and I backed it down the ramp in neutral, swung out at the bend, then coasted forward past the gate all the way to his flatbed in the street. He hooked up the chains and directed my steering as he winched me up the inclined deck, but at some point I couldn't see or hear him so I just watched my front wheel and hoped for the best. Success! "Do you need me to get out?" "Just tilt your seat all the way back." I appreciated that. I had to move a bunch of shit off the back seat first, then reclined and tried to relax as the powerlines and tree branches passed overhead on our roundabout route to South Percy. He put it in reverse and slowly backed down the narrow street. The garage was full up and the overworked mechanic didn't waste words: "Just give me your phone number." He wrote it on a post-it note and I handed him my keys. A little trust goes a long way in Philly.