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April 19, 2021

We were a little concerned about today's build at
Gateway Park in Camden. It's a big enough structure that an engineer had to sign off on it, specifying seven
four-and-a-half-foot-deep 12" diameter holes to anchor doubled up 4x4s projecting up to nine feet above grade.
But with the help of Justin, Steve, and Bill from the NJCF, Sarah got almost all the holes dug in the brief time it
took me to drive to Petty's Island to fetch lumber and tools. It all went to plan, dumping bag after bag of concrete mix
directly into the holes, then pouring water in and stirring with a rock bar--field setting, as it's known. Some bracing and
helped get the posts plumb and in plane. It was a heavy day, but an auspicious start to this Gateway gateway.