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March 30, 2023
spacer                                    to pull off any  
                           heist, three elements
                    must align: team, timing,
            and tactics. and while not exactly
  the brink's job, salvaging this plank from
the tideflat had to check those same boxes.
1) team: we'd need at least four to move it.
luckily, hoyt & heidi, visiting for just one night,
allowed themselves to be volunteered, then neighbor jared
jumped in at a moment's notice, which was clutch as we had only a brief window of opportunity, which brings us to...
2) timing: the board was accessible only at low low tide, which occurs just once every 25 hours. it was now or never because the wood was rapidly decaying and if we waited even a few more days, there wouldn't be much left worth saving.
3) tactics: gotta have a plan, but also adapt. i thought two slings would do it, but jared had the bright idea to put handles through the loops to better distribute the weight. it was more of a struggle to schlep the plank across the slippery stones than anticipated, but once we got it to higher, level ground, i ran back for our canoe cart and we brought it home in style.