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ARTisANAL: 20 Year Robert Zverina Retrospective
February 9 - March 5, 2017 at Dendroica Gallery
1718 East Olive Way, Seattle

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Robert Zverina: Select Works | Community & Curatorial
A one-night celebration of bicycle culture
Hosted by Viking Fire Foundry

Bikes might not solve all the world's problems but they won't cause more. This indoor/outdoor event featured a bike art show, a workshop where a bike-powered blender was built (and put to immediate use), free silkscreening, DJs Dr. Rich Lehl and Port-a-Party, and The Hungry March Band. The unexpected highlight was the spontaneous sculptural arrangement of the scores of bicycles which people rode to the event.
Bikes are Beautiful

New Year's Resovolution
                                          graphic by Sarah Kavage

NEW YEAR'S RESOVOLUTION - Party with a Purpose
This alternative New Year's Eve 2007 celebration aimed to empower and inspire people to work for positive change in 2008 through a combination of art, music, and activism. 250 people attended the information exchange, free workshops, Clinton Fearon live reggae concert, and political art show displaying the work of Evan Blackwell, Jack Daws, Steven Luke Hanson, Chris Jordan, Sarah Kavage, Rich Lehl, and Mike Magrath. The Agitprop Poster Challenge dared people to create and disseminate
posters bringing attention to topics of their choosing. 

Carbusters #28 - Editing
                                              & Art Direction by
                                              Robert Zverina Carbusters #29 - Editing
                                              & Art Direction by
                                              Robert Zverina Carbusters #30 - Editing
                                              & Art Direction by
                                              Robert Zverina Carbusters #31 - Editing
                                              & Art Direction by
                                              Robert Zverina
Lead Editor / Art Director - Carbusters Magazine (Issues 28 - 31) 2006 - 2007
Hired as interim editor for 32-page "quarterly journal of the global carfree movement" while on a visit to Czech Republic, was hired to continue editing magazine remotely upon return to Seattle. Wrote and solicited articles, edited, did lay-out, proofread, sold ads, promoted--all of which led to increase in subscriptions and the magazine's first profitable year ever.

alibi room snuffy sherman alibi room alan bishop
Hired in November 2006 to breathe some life into the moribund cellar space at Seattle's Alibi Room, transformed the small venue into a plug-and-play multimedia performance space (with technical assistance from the sure-handed Dave Benham) and for 8 months booked 3-4 nights of live and dj music, film screenings, and a variety of offbeat performances, including avant garde music, free jazz, stand-up comedy, microtheater, and the world's first a capella karaoke. Click sample posters for enlargements.
alibi a capella karaoke alibi old man millis alibi super 8 lab

Seattle International Underground Experimental Film Festival (SIUEFF), Priceless Works Gallery, February 2005

Seattle International Underground
                                  Experimental Film Festival

Curatorial collaboration with Brent Watanabe. In addition to matinees of Robert Zverina Short Films, four special events took place over two weekends:

Friday February 18 2005 8 pm

Saturday February 19 2005 8 pm

Friday February 25 2005 8 pm
BYOP (Bring Your Own Projector)
A passle of participants presented a pandemonium of unprogrammed slide, digital, and film projections.

Saturday February 26 2005 8 pm
AV/IN (Abstract Video/Improv Noise)
Drew Demeter and Eric Lanzillotta performed live noise accompaniment to abstract video mixing by Robert Zverina and Brent Watanabe.

Car-Free Seattle, August 24 2002
"Dozens of bikers zipped through the city yesterday, dressed in T-shirts that read "Cars Kill," "Be Nice," and "Why Not?," spreading the word that being car-free can be carefree. "Car-Free Seattle Day," a grass-roots effort aimed at reducing the city's dependence on the automobile, is in only its second year. But this year's event had new ammunition: a proclamation from Mayor Greg Nickels declaring yesterday Car-Free Seattle Day."
   [ Times article | Carfree Guide ]

Carfree Day Counseling
Highlights: Citywide bike ride, block parties, street theater.

Car-Free Fremont, September 16 2001, Seattle
[First North American Carfree day; co-organized with Sarah Kavage]
Alternative Transportation Education, Fremont Style
by Julie Reinhardt
Sunday, September 16 [2001] kicks off the first ever Car-Free Fremont. Whether you are celebrating a day of independence from cars, or you just want to have fun without looking both ways before you cross the street, the day is filled with revelry from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Activities range from the creative Artbike Rally and Bike Decoration workshop, to educational panels on car-free living, to the downright goofy belly dancing couples' workshop. Though technically belly dancing is not a form of transportation, it is sans vehicle and much more fun than the morning commute.

The focus for this event is not just about reducing our use of cars, said co-organizer Sarah Kavage, it's also about creating community and "having fun together in a space that is typically filled up with cars...huge boxes of metal speeding through the streets."

 [Seattle Press Article | Photos | Car-Free Day How-to]