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March 2, 1999

Read any good books lately?

lulu explores, andrei readsBetween Andrei Codrescu reading at Elliott Bay Book Company and Mark Robinson wailing at the Crocodile were several blocks of hard rain but when we left the Croc the skies had cleared, not a bad night for a walk. We took one bus for several blocks and rode a bad transfer for one stop, which left us on the wrong side of big Queen Anne Hill. The air was crisp and moon bright so we didn't mind wandering uncertainly through deserted streets where brand new Saabs, Volvos, and Jaguars rested for the night and the only sound was the spooky music of windchimes hung on every house. TV towers at top flash warnings to low-flying planes and slice the moon like a hardboiled egg with their steel struts. The street running down to the drawbridge is so straight and steep that you have to practically gallop to go down it (unless you take the stairs, which we didn't notice until bottom was reached). Halfway down we paused to watch swift clouds overtake the moon which now wore a golden halo behind a white veil. Darker clouds swept in underneath but the moon shone through the seemingly substantial masses. We decided to camp out in our new empty apartment upstairs: white walls, beige carpet, and a sheet in the middle of it--red flannel rectangle, minimalist Christo on a much smaller scale. A single candle cast the cat's shadow huge against unadorned walls. New surroundings had Lulu spooked and her loud meowing was outdone only by the howling of a sudden big wind which bent the pinetreetop outside our west window parallel to the ground. Next morning we found balcony rails scattered below like so much kindling but if we'd lost power in the night we never noticed it.