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February 27, 1999

Read any good books lately?

THE EXcellentCaught a rainy noon ride with down to Olympia to see Fugazi (my first time). An afternoon to kill, we went our separate ways, he to pawn shops and record stores, I for aimless amble through empty parking lots of government office complexes. We met for happy hour billiards and air hockey at the Eastside Tavern. Dub Narcotic Sound System opened. I was so pleased to finally see Calvin Johnson although it was no Beat Happening. He danced through the crowd thanks to mic cord extensions and exuded goofy innocence a la Jonathan Richman. The Ex's full-on guitar assault was an undulating ocean of sound which broke in waves on an ecstatically drowning crowd. Surprisingly, Fugazi plied gentler waters and much of lead singer Ian's efforts were directed at crowd control. ("Everyone just take a couple of steps back so the people who are crushed up against the stage can be more comfortable.") After the show the hundreds of fans had no place to go but onto the sidewalk in front of the State Theater, with some of them spilling onto the wet desolate midnight Olympia main drag. A cruiser urged over PA for everyone to clear the street and most did immediately but even before the potential mob could disperse four more of Olympia's finest (3 cruisers and a Bronco) parked at the corner, completely blocking the street, thus defeating the purpose of their presence.