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February 28, 2003


                              pure art

 went to house party to see A-frames play in basement
but previous band must've turned it up too loud cz the cops
came and threatened to confiscate equipment if they got
any more complaints from the motherfucking neighbors
who like so many spineless and afraid americans always
call on big daddy government to intervene instead of simply
going face to face. i guess i would've caved in, too, but
it was sure a sad scene with the drums just sitting there
under a naked bulb and no one saying much, as if we'd
all just gotten in gradeschool trouble. i yelled "Matt's house!"
and there was quick assent, loaded the gear into min's van
and headed out of there, banging on a drum and chanting,
"we love the neighbors! we love the neighbors!" the cops, too.

got some better pix at 2nd party but too drunk on sparks
i guess i somehow lost them. what the fuck. is that punk?