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February 2, 2005

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Today was dreamy. Last day on the Cobb job,
we split up and drifted through various rooms
on the second floor, sweeping for last minute
bits and pieces--hinges, hooks, posters, signs.
Last night I said to Sarah, All signs seem to
point to Penasco
--a place in Mexico where a
friend has invited us to stay at his house. It's
also known as Rocky Point. I'd like to go there
for a warm salt water interlude. Anyway, what
did I find in a dark closet but a boxful of art
depicting... Rocky Point. A sign! We loaded
the truck on University one last time and bid
goodbye to the surly Democon guys. After
playing tetris with doors and cabinets on the
semi trailer bound for Bellingham, I went with
Joel to a decrepit Aurora Ave motel for preview.
I often wonder what Seattle would look like if
nature were allowed to run its course for just
one year. This moldy mildewed mossy carpet
provided a glimpse of the answer and I felt sick
and congested for hours after. Well, as Molly
says, That which hurts me makes me stranger...