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  September 16, 2012


Hitching back didn't go so well at first.
So many stressed-looking couples in
rented Jeeps and Mustangs just rolled
on by in their convertibles, plenty of room
in back, no need to even open a door. I was
pretty hungry by this time, otherwise I
wouldn't have tried hitching before 4 o'clock
when the locals know not to drive because
that's when tourist traffic is at its choke clueless
worst on this challenging cliff-hugging winding
narrow road where every trip I see the old adage
proven multiple times: They'll let anybody drive.

Luckily a crusty character in a beat-up truck blaring hard rock
through a busted open rattling dashboard radio pulled over
and I found a place for my feet astride ankle-deep pile of trash
in front. He only took me so far, dropped me off at a beautiful
hairpin turn next to a 1910 one-lane bridge midway up a tall
steep gorge. "This is a good spot to get picked up," he assured
me but I was ready to wait. It was such a sweet scene I didn't care
how long. So of course the very next car stopped.
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