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Picture of the Day

January 19, 2014

It's great to have houseguests. Barry and Allison
arrived yesterday. Today, to paraphrase Thoreau, we
traveled widely in Kipahulu. It was a picture perfect
summer day in the dead of winter. First a quick dip
at Alelele where the falls were running pretty strong
and we saw kids climbing the slippery rocks below
the spray. I used to lifeguard and still have the habit of
watching intently should something go wrong. Luckily
nothing did, but just minutes after they left a half dozen
big enough rocks came tumbling down in the exact spot
where they'd been. Remember, folks, waterfalls and palm
trees are pretty but they tend to shed skull-crushing
objects so watch out! Then we visited Lindbergh's grave
at Palapala Hoʻomau Church, which isn't so much in itself
but adjacent Kipahulu Point Park is a trim and tranquil
gem where we sat at a picnic table in the shade of a tree
and played a couple games of euchre capped by stunning
come from behind go-it-alone four point trick for Barry.
Last stop was a secret spot where a mountain stream
meets the ocean in a brackish pond and the sunwarmed
lava rock is good for basking. Like this young woman,
I lolled about a bit then rolled off into cool deep water.
Back home, Dave, Caleb, and Lopaka had come over to
hunt feral pig but were content to scout the property for a
start. It was an eerily calm evening, not a hint of breeze
and the normally turbulent Alenuihaha channel was flat as a
lake. Perfect conditions for lawn games and building a kiawe
fire in the broken gas grill. Those boys brought a lot of meat.